Yes. Squash Can Taste Like Something Other Than Candy.

So, I’m a nice Italian American girl. I did NOT grow up eating “squash” unless you meant zucchini and its blossoms. But every Thanksgiving, we would do the traditional American meal (with Ravioli on the side for my Sicilian Grandfather). And that meal always include sickeningly sweet squash, cooked with butter and maple syrup andContinue reading “Yes. Squash Can Taste Like Something Other Than Candy.”

The “Art” of Food

I’ve been trying to experiment a bit with foods lately. I’m interested in improving my health by decreasing the fats and sugars that I consume. I’m also hoping to find foods that are more environmentally friendly than our usual American fare. Add in the fact that I get bored easily and you can imagine howContinue reading “The “Art” of Food”

Keep Shopping, Honey

Well, look at you!!! You are in your cozy kitchen, surrounded by all those lovely, practical, nutritious staples. You’re, like, one step away from a delicious dinner! One. Step. And I’m going to take that step with you. Ready? I want you to think about this: PROTEIN. Now that you have all the supplies forContinue reading “Keep Shopping, Honey”