Yes. Squash Can Taste Like Something Other Than Candy.

So, I’m a nice Italian American girl. I did NOT grow up eating “squash” unless you meant zucchini and its blossoms.

But every Thanksgiving, we would do the traditional American meal (with Ravioli on the side for my Sicilian Grandfather). And that meal always include sickeningly sweet squash, cooked with butter and maple syrup and cinnamon. It always had a pan of sweet potatoes dressed up with more maple syrup, maybe some marshmallows, and lots of brown sugar.

Ick. And more ick.


Here I am to save you and your squash.

Step one: Get a squash. This one was butternut, but you can use acorn, honeynut or any other ‘sweet’ squash.  Cut it up into chunks. Sometimes I peel it, sometimes I don’t. It depends on how sore my wrist is on any given day, you know?

Now. Do NOT grab the sugar. Nuh, uh.

Instead, brush the sqash cubes/bits/chunks with some olive oil and then sprinkle on good coarse salt. Or if you don’t have that, use regular salt.

Next, put on some spices that you like. In this image, I used a bit of cumin (cuz I love it), some black pepper and some fresh rosemary.

But you can use: sage, thyme, chipotle pepper, or chili powder, or adobo, or whatever the heck makes your mouth happy.

I like to add cranberries, too. If you don’t have fresh ones, add some craisins.

Or orange slices!

Or apples.

You get it?

This is a dish that you can just adjust to your own taste. The point is that when you have a food that is already inherently sweet, it is a delicious twist to add savory and spicy flavors to it.

I’ll add a recipe to the recipe page, but the basic idea is this: cut up a squash. I prefer to peel it, but have also made it with the peel on. Heat your oven to 350, melt a stick or so of butter or pour half cup of olive oil and add in your herbs and spices. Spread the squash (and any additions like cranberries) on a baking sheet and brush on your herb butter. Bake. Every ten minutes or so, brush on some more flavored butter or oil. Turn the pieces to cook evenly. When the squash is tender, remove and serve.

So. Good.



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2 thoughts on “Yes. Squash Can Taste Like Something Other Than Candy.

  1. We are following a salt-free diet since John has congestive heart failure and is on a strict low sodium regimen. But I use a lot of herbs in cooking and love cumin, so I will try it on the butternut squash I plan to cook this week. Thanks for the tip!


    1. You’re welcome!!! I love using sage and rosemary, too! Tonight I actually made roasted squash with roasted carrots, topped with both rosemary and sage plus salt and cumin. Yummoramma. And my husband is NOT a big veggie eater!


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