Ginger Carrot Soup. Really.

I have been horribly ignoring this blog. Mea culpa.

It just started to feel like work, and love of food should never be work.


I pledge to share some wicked easy recipes again over the next few days. I might not have photos, but I got food.

This is the story of ginger carrot soup. It begins with my absolute obsession with really fresh carrots in the summer. Now, I must be honest and admit my abject failure as a gardener. I’ve tried to grow carrots at least ten times in my life, the most recent being last summer when Covid panic had me believing that if I didn’t grow it, it wouldn’t be available.

I carefully and gently planted carrot seeds in a fabric planter which stood on my deck. I faithfully watered it, weeded it and was ecstatic when the green shoots appeared. I watched and waited, watered and weeded, all summer long. Finally, when fall was approaching, I carefully dug into the soft soil of the planter, gently uprooting my carrots.


After almost four months of careful gardening, the biggest carrot I produced was the size of my pinky finger. The others came in sizes ranging from “raisin” to “pretzel stick”. They wouldn’t have fed a mouse for more than a day.

Luckily for me, the farmers in our area actually know what they’re doing. I ate about 10,000 fresh carrots this summer, and blanched and froze about 10,000 more, give or take. But now it’s winter. The carrots aren’t as sweet, and I am less likely to eat them raw.

This is especially true this past week, after partially dislocating my jaw while eating eggplant.


So I found myself faced with a nice big bunch of slightly wilting carrots. I wanted the nutritional value of my favorite veggie, without the need to chomp it.

I decided on a batch of carrot soup. Because it’s winter, I wanted to add some warming spices to make us feel both full and comforted. I opted for ginger because I love it, and because I accidentally bought way too much a couple of weeks ago.

It took about five minutes to prepare my soup, and about 3 hours for it to simmer. Today at lunch, it was pure heaven.

Carrot Soup.

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3 thoughts on “Ginger Carrot Soup. Really.

  1. Your soup is easy, with great flavor. After watching ‘Great British Baking” 80’s episode I made a quiche. Your carrot soup was a great compliment to the quiche making a very satisfying meal. This time of year I have many carrots in the cool dark basement waiting to be eaten. Thanks for giving this recipe.


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