OK, campers! It’s dinner time and you are READY!!!

Yes you are.

Come out from behind that couch. You. Can. Do. This.

So it’s 4pm, and our tummies are growling. We’re going to make a delicious dinner.

Remember, all we really need is a protein, some veggies, and some of our staple items.

If we rummage around a bit, we can come up with everything we need to start. Look!

It’s definitely got potential.

I found a package of pork chops, two ears of fresh corn, and a bag of rice. Getting our protein, some veggie and a nice carbohydrate. And they’re all super easy to cook.

Our next step is to think about what flavors we’re in the mood for tonight. If you look back on our spices page, you can think about what appeals to you. If your tastebuds are in the mood for Mexican flavors, you can grab some spices from that “palate” and sprinkle them on the meat. Add a spritz of lime to your corn, and you’ve got a pretty good dinner. If Indian flavors appeal more, choose from that “palate” for your meat and make saffron rice.

I was in the mood for an Asian influence, so I pulled out my soy sauce, some candied ginger, sesame oil and a jar of hoisin sauce.

Now we’re talking.

I want you to look at the clock. 4:15pm.

First I mixed up the hoisin sauce, a splash of soy and a splash of sesame oil. I cut up one piece of the ginger and dropped in the pieces (yup, I used scissors, cuz it’s the easiest way).

Side Note: You’ll notice that I’m not giving you any amounts. That’s because it all depends on your tastebuds. I used about three tablespoons of hoisin. I might have used more, but that’s all there was. No problem. The “splash” of oil and soy means literally just pout a bit in the bowl. If you put more or less than I did, nobody will ever notice. The whole purpose of this blog is to get you feel comfortable cooking. If you LOVE candied ginger, put in more!

I put the chops in a baking dish and put them in my preheated 350 degree oven. Next I put 2 cups of water and 1 cup of rice in a saucepan, added a splash of sesame oil and some salt, stirred it. I put it on low and left it uncovered.

Then I went into the living room and read for 15 minutes. I’m reading “Akata Witch”. Great book!!!

When my rest time was up, I stirred the rice and saw that most of the water was gone. Good. I draped a clean cloth over the top of the pan to absorb any extra liquid, put the cover on the pot (over the cloth) and took it off the heat.

Next I turned over the chops and poured my sauce over them. Then back in the oven.

Another 10 minutes with my book, then I turned on a pan of water to cook the corn. When it came to a boil, I put in the ears, covered the pot and took it off the heat.

By the time I set the table, it was time to serve. The corn came out, the chops went on the table, the rice was still in its pot and ta-da!!!!

5pm and dinner is served. And the actual “work” time was less than ten minutes.


I’m not a very good photographer, but let me tell you that it was delicious. Put a little sauce on the rice, pour a nice drink for yourself, and dig in.


It IS easy!

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