Ruh, Roh

This is a mask. Underneath it, I am NOT happy.


I always say that a good cook has to be willing to accept mistakes. When you’re cooking, you WILL make a lot of mistakes. You have to be able to laugh at them, make yourself a sandwich, and call it a day.

As your friendly neighborhood cooking expert, I am absolutely able to make peace with my kitchen mishaps. I set the turkey on fire in the oven? Hahaha, what great Thanksgiving memories we’re making! Oops, I mixed up the sugar and the salt? What a funny little pie!

I can laugh at my dinner mistakes.

I canNOT, however, laugh at my technological screw ups. Nope. Those result in tears, smashed laptops and a bewildered husband who wonders how in hell this ended up as his fault.

So I am here to tell you that when I started my delightful new blog, “Hell Yes You Can Cook”, I was very excited. I chose a theme and got it up and running. Then I realized that it wasn’t quite the look I wanted. A friend suggested that it was a little dull and needed some jazzing up. And I really wanted my tagline to show, because it reads “A cooking blog for people with thumbs”. That was the hilarious idea of my blogging friend Beth, at “I Didn’t Have My Glasses On.” She is a sweet, funny, thoughtful blogger who you need to read. Right after you finish this post.

Anyway, I wanted to change things around on Hell, Yes, so I went to “themes” and I tried to “customize”.

To keep this long, sad story short, I will tell you that NOTHING WORKED.

Please be patient.

I am a better cook than I am a blogger.

Right now, if you link to my new blog, you’ll find a bunch of stuff about healthy dinners (which I will never post) and a soulful picture of a guy in the woods (um, what?)

I will fix it.

I will.

After I finish throwing my laptop off the deck, sobbing into my martini and yelling at my husband.

All things come to those who wait.

Published by momshieb

Writer, teacher,good cook, mother and grandmother, rebel wannabe.

2 thoughts on “Ruh, Roh

  1. thanks for the shoutout, happy i could help, and i am like you when it comes to tech, i start getting hot flashes and sweating as soon as things start to go bad with my tech. best of luck to you on your new adventure –


  2. Don’t throw your laptop off the deck – most likely it will survive a short throw like that.

    If you really want to break the laptop, getup on the roof (second story if possible) and look for concrete. Best to do the climb before the second martini … just sayn’ …

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