ANYONE Can Cook.

Food is love.

I know too many people who are afraid to cook. They fear that it is too complicated to cook dinner. They worry that they’ll make mistakes. They have been lead to believe that cooking takes hours of intensive work.

They have never had a chance to learn that in the modern world, any fool can make dinner.

Sure, back in the 16th century, making dinner was a HUGE chore. You had to slaughter the pig, butcher it, salt it, roast it over an open fire. For that fire, you had to chop the wood, haul the wood and spend two hours breathing in smoke while you tried to keep the wood burning.

Well, unless your camping, those days are gone.

My dears, if you can turn a knob on a stove, you can cook.

Hell, yes, you can make a delicious meal in less time than it takes to wait for your take out Chinese.

I promise.

If you want to learn to cook with me, read the posts in reverse order! I started from the basics, and we’re moving on from there!

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